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Capture all learning experiences

Valamis LRS is certified and conforms to the latest xAPI version.

Full xAPI support allows you to collect, store and use the data from a wide range of online and offline learning experiences across your learning ecosystem.

You can easily plug in legacy LMS solutions, mobile learning and VR/AR training solutions.

Capture all learning experiences

Zero statements lost

Zero statements lost over the 24-hour test with a load of 100 statements per second.

Valamis LRS is able to handle large amounts of data quickly and flexibly across a variety of sources and stream them without losses.

To achieve that we utilize Kafka stream-processing software to manage requests and if needed to scale required resources on the fly.

LRS security

Wide range of authoring tools supported

Valamis LRS is able to collect statements from any courses which were created with xAPI compatible authoring tools.

  • Valamis Lesson Studio
  • Articulate Storyline/Rise
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Camtasia
  • Lectora Inspire/Online
  • iSpring Suite
  • Elucidat
  • Gomo
  • Easygenerator
  • and others

Wide range of authoring tools supported

SCORM Compatibility

With the connection to Valamis Learning Solution, you can collect statuses from SCORM packages and convert them into xAPI statements, so you are able to track and aggregate learning data from well known and spread standard as well.

This creates new possibilities for companies who never used xAPI before and accumulated valuable resources build on SCORM standards.

SCORM Compatibility

LRS Scalability

Valamis LRS architecture is designed to be able to scale on the fly and handle rising amounts of data and requests.

Flexible configuration options allow configuring LRS according to your needs and size it when you have pique loads.

Our goal is to create LRS that can operate with statements for 100,000 simultaneous users, which counts for about 10,000 statements per second.

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xAPI & Valamis LRS – Five Years in Production: What We Have Learned

Achieving Learning Impact

The white paper explores learning methodologies and analytical frameworks to discover actionable metrics to reach business goals.

Reveal the impact of learning activities

Use collected data to get insights on how learning activities affect employees’ performance and as a result your business outcomes.

Our experts can help you discover actionable metrics to bridge the gaps between learning, performance, and business metrics.

Reveal the impact of learning activities

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