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Part of our complete learning solution, this built-in Learning Record Store manages your data, saving you time.

xAPI native

Valamis LRS - xAPI statements


Valamis LRS provides a centralised and efficient way to manage and measure learning, helping to improve training outcomes and stay compliant with industry regulations. Our LRS is uniquely built and managed in-house by our data experts, ensuring you have everything you need for learning analytics without adding any extra systems.


  • Visible Learning Progress

    Track and record learning progress for individuals, teams, and the organisation as a whole. Your LRS will help to identify areas where additional training is needed and monitor overall performance.

  • Compliance

    Keep on top of industry compliance requirements. An LRS allows you to quickly identify how compliant the organisation is at any point and who has completed required training, and when.

  • Measure Effectiveness

    An LRS is a centralised repository for learning data. Use it to identify trends, measure the effectiveness of training programs, and make better decisions about future training investments.

  • Personalised Learning

    Utilise your LRS to provide truly personalised learning experiences, allowing them to track their progress, set goals, and receive recommendations for further learning opportunities.

  • Improve Learning Experiences

    Our customers use the LRS to improve learning experiences. Allow learners to access training materials anytime from any device and get immediate feedback on their progress.

  • Full xAPI Support

    Collect, store and use the data from online and offline learning experiences across your learning ecosystem. Built to work with a wide range of content authoring tools.

  • SCORM Compatible

    Convert SCORM packages into xAPI statements and combine learning data. New to xAPI? Then this is ideal for importing legacy SCORM data and integrating it into your new learning solution.

  • LRS Scalability

    The Valamis LRS is designed to handle big data, fast and in real-time. Flexible configuration enables you to set up your LRS according to your needs and for the busiest times.

  • “We have been long time fans of Valamis. Mainly because they were one of the first vendors who were truly thinking about data insights and have built this core vision into their platform instead of an afterthought or third-party integration. This means they have the hands-on expertise to make data part of an integral learning strategy; to elevate their learning platform from content host to dynamic and data-driven outcomes.”

    Lori Niles-Hofmann & Amanda Nolen, NilesNolen

The Digital Learning Ecosystem

For further reading, our workbook includes a list of helpful guiding questions and tasks to support you in understanding your current learning ecosystem and the ways to develop it further in an easy way for learners to use.

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Whether you’ve never heard of an LRS before, think you might need one, or are a seasoned pro, our experts are on hand to discuss your requirements and advise you on how to get the best from an LRS within your learning solution.