The Digital Learning Ecosystem


The example of pages for digital learning ecosystem workbook

This workbook is for everyone tasked with building a more holistic digital learning system where all the learning bits and pieces are linked together.

  • We demystify what Total Learning Architecture and Learning Ecosystem concepts are, what LRS and LXP mean, and why they are important for learning organisations looking to build more connected learning systems.
  • We examine the role of data in a learning ecosystem and how having an xAPI, and LRS can help you to collect and store quality learning data.

The workbook includes a list of helpful guiding questions and tasks to support you in understanding your current learning ecosystem and the ways to develop it further in an easy way for learners to use.


Jani Lemmetyinen

Lead Learning Solution Partner

Jani is a Lead Learning Solution Partner at Valamis. He is a well-respected learning expert and works with numerous Valamis customers to support their learning strategies and oversee the implementation of their learning solutions. Jani also spends time training Valamisians and supporting colleagues with his experience.