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Build Organisational Resilience - How Learning & Sisu Sustain Organisations in Crisis and Beyond
Deliver a Modern Workplace Learning Experience - “The Art of the Possible"
Focus on the Outcome, not Features - Succeed with Learning Technology
Spanish Demo 20/04/2021
English Demo 22/04/2021
Arabic Demo 04/05/2021
French Demo 06/05/2021
German Demo 19/05/2021
Finnish Demo 20/05/2021
DevLearn Digital Expo 2020 - Build a Learning Ecosystem with the Total Learning Architecture Approach
DevLearn Digital Expo 2020 - The Core of Your Organization's Learning Ecosystem
Learning Tech Talks: Development at the Pace of Business
Making a Smarter Business Case for L&D
What is the ROI for a Company to go into Digital Learning?
Transforming Your Organization’s Learning Culture
How can an established learning organization improve learning measurement?
Making Your Organisation Fit for the Future
What is the role of learning analytics in learning?
Learning Strategy - The Foundation for Lasting Employee Engagement
How does a Learning Experience Platform differ from an LMS?
Creating Learning for the New World of Work
Interview with Tom Haak, Director of HR Trend Institute
What is Your Learning Data Really Telling You?
5 Tips for Increasing Your Learning Ecosystem's eLearning Utilization
Interview with L&D Digital Lead Sam Moat
Beyond the Hype: The Realities of Digital Learning
Who needs an LXP?
Personalized Learning with Valamis LXP
Using Data to Help L&D Make Smarter Decisions
Learning and Working Aligned
Valamis LXP with LinkedIn Learning
NextGen Valamis LXP: New features, more personalized learning experience
Valamis LXP - Join the Learning Generation
Learning on demand - How AI is utilized in corporate learning
Below The Surface - What To Look For In a Corporate Learning Platform
Turning the Digital Transformation of Learning into Organization's Competitive Advantage
Personalize Corporate Learning with Valamis
AI-Assisted Microlearning With Valamis
3 Ways to develop creative problem solving culture in Enterprises - Dr. Charles Camarda
Companies need to be in the mode of constant learning - Ashkan Fardost
IBM Watson combined with Valamis - Learning Experience platform
Learning should be in the core of work culture - Andy Lancaster, CIPD
How enterprises should prepare for the Digital Transformation of Learning? - Charles Camarda
Tim Kopra's greetings to NASA's Epic Challenge participants in Finland