Career Chat: Democratising Careers

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Talent management is key to organisational success. The subject is a regular feature in ‘what keeps your CEO awake at night’ surveys. The value of helping talented people thrive in our organisations is undisputed. Identifying people as talent, putting them in the right place, motivating, and equipping them to make a difference can translate to accelerated business growth and profitability.

The challenge for many organisations is that their talent teams can only help a fraction of the people in the organisation. They help those they can and hope that the rest will find their own route to success. Some do, but sadly many don’t, and the organisation sees its talent drained to competitor organisations. When talented people are unsure of what to do and lack support from their managers, people you would really like to retain can move on.

Things can be different: we can turn this situation around by democratising careers and giving all employees access to great career support. This webinar will explore:

  • Cutting edge research into career management; how do we encourage our people to take ownership of their own careers? 
  • The current approaches used to support career management; how can we make them work more effectively? 
  • With the democratisation of careers, how do we support the whole organisation and not just the special few? 

Broadcasted on: Thursday 7th of April 2022
Duration: 1 hour


Sarah Hobbs

Director at Talent & Potential

Sarah works across a wide range of clients, supporting them to develop and deliver their talent strategy and agenda and has helped thousands of individuals to build their careers. Her expertise in talent management, succession planning and developing self-directed careers has been utilised in large organisations heading up talent and learning functions. In addition, Sarah is the lead content curator for Valamis' career platform, CareerBurst, offering users and their employers practical career support.