Newly designed and ready to grow – introducing the fresh new Valamis 

Connect the dots between your business and L&D.

new valamis hero

Big news, everyone. We’re super excited to show you what we’ve been up to with our brand.

Valamis is getting a makeover.

We’ve jazzed things up with a fresh look and new feel.

It’s not just about bold colors. This new look ties right back to what we stand for, our unique culture, and the big dreams we have for the future. It’s all about getting our message across more clearly and vibrantly than ever.

As we grow and evolve, we want to make sure our identity does too, so you can understand us better than ever.

A little bit of background

Since its major rebranding in 2018, the company has made thousands of updates to its platform, transitioning from a model focused on creating custom software solutions to adopting a broad Software as a Service (SaaS) business strategy.

This shift highlights Valamis’ dedication to continuous innovation, ensuring customer is happy, and basing product development on solid data analysis.

We shifted how we work to offer you better solution. Along the way, we realized it was time to take a good look at ourselves and make sure our brand truly reflects our journey and our goals.

Rest assured, we felt – and perhaps you also felt – that an update was a bit overdue.

From questions to a compelling brand

The decision to refresh our brand was born out of deep reflection.

How could we better convey our dedication to a customer centric data-driven approach? How could we make our marketing more relatable, reflecting our support for a non-hierarchical work culture, even in a B2B environment?

We’ve heard from you, our customers, that working with us feels different – in a good way.

So, how could our brand better reflect that special something we have?

We landed on a simple but powerful idea: “Connecting the dots.”

Valamis is all about making learning and development (L&D) easier and more impactful. Whether it’s through our technology, our insights, or how we partner with you, we’re here to help you prepare for the future.

And now, our new brand visuals, centered on data points and learning paths, are designed to illustrate this commitment visually.

New Valamis design system is explained

A – a data point, representing information. B – a learning path, the transformation of information into knowledge. C – connecting the dots and forming a bigger picture.

What’s next

We’re big believers in the power of continuous learning.

It’s key to keeping up in the unpredictable rapids of today’s work life. It’s not just about completing courses; it’s about translating learning into actionable insights. It’s about making a real difference in your business through L&D.

We’re here to help L&D teams show off their hard work’s value. We’re combining data with smart design to give you insights that make a difference, helping everyone see the bigger picture.

We’re on a mission to convince every company to put L&D at the heart of their strategy.


I founded Valamis with three colleagues in 2003. It’s been a wild ride, developing tech, working with fantastic customers, and even teaming up with NASA.

Through ups and downs, we’ve grown and learned a ton. Looking at everything, I’m sure we’re on the right track, more united and focused than ever.

For our current customers, don’t worry. Your learning setups will stay just as you like them. What’s changing is how we’re reaching out and improving our service.

We’re pumped about starting this new chapter and hope you’ll join us.

Jussi Hurskainen
CEO of Valamis

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