Luotsi Joensuu

A story of innovation through learning at the City of Joensuu Employment Services

  • Challenge

    • The City of Joensuu Employment Services, faced the challenge of addressing unemployment amidst the disruptive impact of the pandemic.
    • The Luotsi project’s diverse team and strategic goals were at risk, necessitating a new, resilient solution.
  • Solution

    • The integration of Valamis enabled the project to offer tailored learning paths, covering essential skills like CV composition, interview preparation, personalized LinkedIn coaching, and entrepreneurship guidance.
  • Results

    • It highlighted the significance of technology-driven learning for workforce development.
    • Their innovative approach empowered clients to engage in self-paced learning independently.

The Joensuu City Employment Service, Luotsi Joensuu, utilizes the Valamis learning platform to assist job seekers in advancing their education and training.

Marianne Immonen elaborates on how the Valamis learning management systems (LMS) simplifies the process for its diverse clientele to secure employment and transition into further training.

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