Lightsource bp

Growing through continuous learning


  • Lightsource bp needed to manage rapid workforce growth while keeping up with industry changes
  • There was a need to increase engagement and talent retention through providing a great learning experience with great content


  • Implemented “The Learning Hub,” a digital learning ecosystem powered by Valamis
  • Enabled real-time upskilling and reskilling for employees
  • Focused on continuous learning and development


  • Boosted employee engagement and collaboration
  • Strengthened brand identity and loyalty
  • Supported internal talent sourcing and development

As a global leader in solar development, management and operations, Lightsource bp specialises in providing sustainable and renewable energy to communities at an affordable cost.

Based in London, they currently have approximately 1,100 employees which is expected to grow rapidly through 2023.

For over a decade, the company has been harnessing sunlight to help power our world in a clean, sustainable and responsible way. Since 2010 they have experienced rapid growth by developing key technology and pushing boundaries in the industry and beyond. Lightsource bp knows that renewable energy is the future for us all, and that future is now.

Lightsource bp – Growing through continuous learning

One of Lightsource bp’s ambitions is to be an inspirational example of a true learning organisation, to be globally recognised as a company that facilitates member learning and development and continuously transforms itself to keep up with the fast-changing reference environment.

At Lightsource bp they implemented a digital learning ecosystem to preserve, nurture and spread their distinctive knowledge while allowing all employees to opportunity to upskill and reskill themselves in real time, on the job and whenever they need, to be able to keep up with the company growth and business transformation.

The backbone of the Lightsource bp learning environment is their platform “The Learning Hub” built on the end-to-end learning experience solution by Valamis, their partner in this amazing journey.

Through The Learning Hub, and its competency-based architecture, Lightsource bp engaged employees know what skills and competencies are critical to the company growth and the achievement of its strategic goals. Through the platform they can identify and fill any skill gaps and pursue their career and individual development.

The company’s internal faculty – composed of Subject Matter Experts – are trained to become content creators. All employees are encouraged to contribute to the learning journey through providing inputs and suggestions for continuous improvement.

The overall digital platform offering is an effective mix of internally developed content, bespoke content and external learning objects, provided by best-in-class vendors including Valamis’ content partner Go1. Their training courses are built with a blended approach, where digital self-directed training is integrated with F2F and synchronous learning and development initiatives.

An example of this winning approach is Lightsource bp’s use of the platform of individual Leadership Academies, where a digital learning path, called IGNITE, represents the first step to onboard their iconic leadership development programs: Sparks, Spotlight and Brilliant Leaders.

The Learning Hub is proven to be instrumental in:

  • Delivering advanced content designed increase engagement and talent retention.
  • Curating and delivering advanced content, elevating the learning experience by providing cutting-edge knowledge and insights.
  • Boosting employee engagement and retention by creating an environment for social learning.
  • Enhancing direct communication and collaboration by fuelling innovation and idea exchange.
  • Reinforcing the brand’s voice and promoting company loyalty to ensure that the brand identity resonates internally and externally.
  • Fostering cross-functional teams and relationships by empowering collaboration for holistic success.
  • Supporting internal talent sourcing by nurturing internal talent and harnessing the brilliance within.

The Learning Hub is the result of a collaborative effort of exceptional professionals within Lightsource bp and engagement from stakeholders across the business functions; including the Communication and IT departments, Global L&D team, HR and internal faculty members and tutors. They have also successfully engaged senior leadership in the project to the extent that the Lightsource bp CEO, Nick Boyle, all senior executives and the HR colleagues support the Learning Hub’s efforts in delivering their shared vision and initiative.

“With its unique culture and core values, and the commitment to support its employees’ upskilling and professional development, Lightsource bp has fulfilled the ambition to become a Learning Organization.” Elisabetta Galli, Global Head L&D, Lightsource bp

I’m proud of Lightsource BP’s efforts and of how our team has contributed towards their journey. With their Leadership Academy and teamwork across various departments, it’s clear that Lightsource BP is dedicated to supporting their employees and bringing positive change to their company.” Jussi Hurskainen, CEO, Valamis

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