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Why #LearningChallenge?

Continuous learning is a way to keep your skills up to date and update your skills to respond to the everchanging needs of work-life. Technology is changing fast, and there is more information available than ever before, reforming job roles constantly. With the #LearningChallenge campaign we want to support the culture of continuous learning and form a sustainable knowledge base for both organizations and employees.


Ability to Learn Is One of the Most Important Skills

The skills and knowledge of people are the most important success factors in any business.

Greg Caimi and Ouriel Lancry from Bain & Company wrote in their blog that in the digital age individuals should aim for lifelong employability instead of lifelong employment. This will bring security to their lives, which is one of the most important values when it comes to working.

Continuous learning helps the employees to hold on to their job better and remain employable even though job roles change.

Are we nurturing our skills and knowledge as best as we can?

Challenge 1: What Have You Learned Recently?

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Learn insights about the benefits of proactive retraining and reskilling, and how you can better understand the economics of learning.