Valamis signs two million dollar deal with The Swedish National Agency for Education

The Swedish National Agency for Education has chosen the digital Valamis – Learning Experience Platform for the training it provides to teachers and principals.

Joensuu, 31 October 2017. Valamis, a company specialized in the digitalization of learning, has signed a two million dollar deal with Skolverket, the Swedish National Agency for Education, a Government agency in Sweden that oversees the Swedish public school system for children and adults.

Valamis has developed the Valamis – Learning Experience Platform, primarily used to educate and train large corporations, can also scale to provide a learning environment for an entire country. Valamis emerged as the only scalable platform which has all the necessary features and requirements for Skolverket. Skolverket also recognized the added value of using Valamis’ superior analytics to increase efficiency. With potentially over 300,000 users using the platform, the analytics will help Skolverket analyze all users’ learning data, determine what learning materials are effective, make changes and delegate improved material.

“This collaboration will strengthen our view on the importance of digitalization for organizations in the future. The market for digital learning is growing by more than 10 percent annually on a global level,” says Jussi Hurskainen, CEO of Valamis.

In addition to providing customers with a solution for the technical management of training and competence, Valamis also provides customers with an innovative approach to use the opportunities offered by digitalization as an organization’s competitive edge.

The deal signed with Skolverket, worth 2.2 million dollars and Valamis’ rapid internationalization provide proof that the growing global need for digitalized learning is just beginning.

“We have grown alongside the surging growth in demand for digital learning solutions. Our order book has grown by 400 percent during the first half of the 2017 accounting period compared with the same period a year earlier,” says Chief Commercial Officer Janne Hietala, head of Valamis’ international sales from the company’s London office that opened earlier this year.

Additional Details

Valamis is an internationally growing IT company that specializes in the digitalization of learning. The company was listed in Gartner’s 2016 Market Guide for Corporate Learning Suites as a Representative Vendor of the product Valamis. Valamis – Learning Experience Platform helps customers convert the benefits of digital transformation into a competitive advantage. Valamis’ customers are large organizations in both the private and public sectors. With its headquarters in Joensuu, Finland, Valamis has offices around the globe.

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