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What is Valamis CareerBurst?

CareerBurst is a brand new solution, and an add on to the Valamis complete learning solution. It is a complete set of tools to drive employee retention from within your organisation. It’s been designed to shift the mindset of your talent pool from thinking: ‘Where is my next career move’, to: ‘What are my career goals within my current organisation and, in practice, how do I get there?’

Unique in its self-driven approach, CareerBurst encourages a culture of growth within your company whilst reducing talent turnover and increasing employee engagement. CareerBurst addresses that, when it comes to managers, only the lucky few will ever receive structured training to support their teams’ aspirations within a company. It includes a tool kit for managers and mentors, plus advice and guidance on how to support people in achieving their goals (however big or small). In addition, managers are supported on how to hold  meaningful career conversations with their team and guided through the follow-up process of putting a career development action plan in place.

What is the problem and the reason it was created?

It’s no secret that neglecting career development plans, coaching, and mentoring creates a high employee turnover, whilst investing and encouraging employee development has proven links to success. Providing career development for talent retention is now one of the hottest topics in our industry. For example:

  • LinkedIn found that 94% of employees would work for a company longer if they invested in their learning and development.
  • For ten years, the Work Institute has ranked career development concerns as the number one reason employees leave organisations.
  • A Gartner survey of more than 3,300 employees conducted in March 2022 revealed that fewer than one in three employees knows how to progress in their career over the next five years. The survey confirms that many employees cannot rely on their managers for help – with only 50% of employees reporting that their manager tailors feedback based on the role they want to move into.

“Employees are leaving their current employers for better professional development opportunities (45%) at similar rates as they leave for higher compensation (48%),” said Vitorio Bretas, Director Gartner HR practice. “Thirty-five percent of employees surveyed said they left their employer for better career trajectories.”

With 20 years’ experience in the learning technologies market, it’s a subject that Valamis is very familiar with and looked to provide a solution for as part of our holistic, joined-up approach to learning.

Answering the cry for talent retention help

Valamis CareerBurst is the only research-based tool on the market that takes this approach to internal talent management. It helps managers to appreciate the skills and talents that people already have and what they enjoy doing at work. As well as strengths, it explores weaknesses with a view that they are something to be built upon to add value to the business.

How does CareerBurst work?

What are the benefits of CareerBurst?

CareerBurst supports everyone – at every level – to identify the next steps for them, making career development democratic and no longer something that solely benefits the highflyers. By encouraging everyone to start thinking about their roles, likes and dislikes, both employees and talent are retained, and managers can demonstrate that they value people’s strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits for your business:

  • Nurture a culture of self-driven career development
  • Reduce employee turnover rate while doubling employee retention rate
  • Save time, money, and resources required to hire new employees
  • Significantly boost employee engagement
  • Increase employee adaptability and solve succession planning
  • Find new solutions by having employees with multiple specialities
  • Research-based. Used in FTSE 100 companies to train management on mentoring staff
  • Data-driven. Use ‘Think Motivation’ data to see where the company should be heading as a whole and motivate staff

Benefits for your people:

  • Maintain or grow their job within your company
  • Inspire them with pay incentives in new roles
  • Increase their sense of value within the company
  • Encourage them to engage in new, more suitable roles
  • Add valuable skills and responsibilities to their tick list
  • Feel that they are supported and that mentors are available to all

As an addition to the Valamis complete learning solution, CareerBurst is designed to enhance every touch-point. From a starting point of understanding where you are and where you want to be, the LXP experience provides the way forward. From skills mapping and links to content, training and events, continuous professional development and self-driven learning all contribute towards making career conversations a reality.

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