Valamis product buzz – CPD points

What’s new?

We have developed new CPD point scoring functionality for the Valamis learning solution.

As part of our end-to-end learning approach, we recognise that recording and adding points-based goals to the Valamis learning solution is critical for customers. Our new solution is flexible enough to be used for any form of point scoring initiative and can be tailored to your organisational needs.

Points for learning – why is it important?

Setting point goals helps learners to understand exactly what is expected from them, which means they can really plan their learning. When time’s limited, instead of searching for content, points make it clear what can be achieved and the best use of time. This in turn encourages employees on their journey of Self-directed learning.

Continuous professional development (CPD) is a recognised way for professionals to record and develop their learning activities. CPD measures learning that can’t always be completed on a digital platform, important external activities such as time spent “on the job”, teaching or mentoring. For many, CPD tracking is a primary goal of learning in the flow of work.

In most cases it is up to individuals to record their personal CPD outside of a learning platform environment, somewhere that doesn’t link to their other learning activities. Every industry has different criteria (or name) for CPD, therefore finding a single solution for all can be difficult.

Enabling people to record, track and earn points means that qualifications never become overlooked or outdated. It is a continuous way to upskill employees in a motivational and career orientated way. The GLINT employee wellbeing report cites that ‘opportunities to learn and grow’ has consistently been ranked as the top driver of great work culture. It motivates staff and increases employee engagement. Combining this with the fear that talent may leave if faced with a lack of professional development means that earning CPD points within the platform empowers learners to develop in their current role – or for the role they aspire to.

How can this benefit your organisation?

Measuring learning with the help of points enables the organisation to create, track and manage the learning goals of employees and demonstrate the impact of this on the overall learning strategy.

Assign training or development activities to your learners via the Valamis learning platform and add points to clearly show the weighting of each:

Our new point scoring functionality* comes with comprehensive reporting to easily track and prove the true impact that CPD is making within your organisation:

What will CPD points in Valamis add to your learning ecosystem?

  • Set up points-based goals over a set time period
  • Make learning measurable from external tasks to content
  • Demonstrates and supports Continuing Professional Development
  • Flexible for all industries and CPD tasks
  • Learners can prioritise their learning
  • Measure and track employees learning goals
  • The perfect tool for managing your learning strategy

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