Learning Culture


Develop and maintain strategy-driven learning culture

Learning Culture Workbook cover

A workbook to help facilitate an engaging learning culture for your learners

The constant need for change and adaptation in the business world creates heavy demands on corporate learning and building a learning culture. How can L&D departments consistently solve these challenges with people skills and competencies when we are in an everlasting state of change?

In this workbook, we put together some tips to help you develop your organisation’s learning culture. We used research, our own learning culture, and our experiences with our clients to help you choose the right tools to implement change, along with tips to get your learners interested in the learning experience.

By downloading this workbook you will learn:

  • Why Do You Need a Learning Culture?
  • What Is In Your Learning Culture?
  • The Challenges of Building a Learning Culture
  • Tips for Building and Introducing a New Learning Culture
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