Product buzz – Valamis Home

Our UX redesigned Valamis Home features two game-changing learning apps designed to make compliance training straightforward and learning in the flow of work a reality.

Revolutionizing the learning journey

What was the problem before?

For Learning and Development (L&D) teams, managing important compliance training with strict deadlines can be a daunting task. The constant need to follow up and ensure that employees meet these deadlines adds complexity to the process.

Certifications required for new hires and recertification for existing employees further complicate the landscape of mandatory learning. Additionally, organizations face the challenge of guiding employees on their self-development journey while distinguishing it from mandatory training.

The solution that Valamis designed

To address these issues, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize the learning journey through innovative User Experience (UX) design and the power of machine learning.

Our dedicated design team tackled the problem head-on. They recognised the challenge of learners not knowing what comes next or which tasks should take priority.

The solution? Introducing the all-new Valamis Home, featuring two game-changing tabs: “What’s Next” and “Continue Learning.”

What's next

This tab provides learners with clear guidance on their upcoming tasks, deadlines, and priority items. It ensures that mandatory training is always on track and eliminates the guesswork.

Continue learning

With this tab, we empower learners to take control of their self-development journey. It offers a seamless path for learners to explore and engage with educational content that goes beyond mandatory requirements.

The future of personalized learning

But that’s just the beginning of our journey! We’re committed to further enhancing the learning experience for our users.

Here’s what’s on the horizon:

      • Your Team Manager View: Soon, we’ll introduce a view tailored to team managers, helping them oversee and support their team’s learning progress effectively.
      • Your Content View: We understand that content is key. Our upcoming feature will allow users to easily access and manage their learning materials.

Join us as we transform the way you navigate and experience learning. With Valamis Home, the future of learning is personalised, intuitive, and inspiring. Your learning journey starts here.