Valamis offers six months of paid maternity leave to all employees

Joensuu, Finland, 25 November 2021. Valamis, the global leader in digital learning technologies and workforce development, has announced a new extension to their maternity leave policy that will offer all Valamis employees outside of Finland the right to six months of paid maternity leave.

Valamis currently has employees in seven countries around the world: Finland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany and India. Valamis is a company based in Finland, a country renowned for some of the most progressive parental leave policies in the world. Globally, the average paid maternity leave is 29 weeks, but the United States, one of Valamis’ countries of operation, is one of the few countries in the world that does not currently offer national paid maternity leave.

Valamis initiated this policy as a means to retain women working in the Information Technology (IT) sector. According to Eurostat, women occupy less than 20 % of IT jobs across the European Union (EU) and even fewer women occupy these jobs outside of the EU.

F.J. Dy-Hammar, the Chief of ILO Conditions of Work Branch stated: “In all parts of the world, working women who become pregnant are faced with the threat of job loss, suspended earnings, and increased health risks due to inadequate safeguards for their employment.”

“Increasing the share of women in IT roles is challenging. We believe that offering a paid maternity leave in all our operating countries can help improve the situation. At Valamis, we want to make the world more equal, and this new policy is one step toward that”, said Maria Vihtkari, Chief Human Resources Officer at Valamis.

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Maria Vihtkari
Chief Human Resources Officer, Valamis

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