Valamis product buzz – Audiences

What is the product?

Our new solution for creating dynamic content ‘audiences’ based on learners, groups, roles or organisations, and (coming soon!) also for custom criteria such as job roles, location, or any of your data fields. Get your content in front of the right people at the right time.

What was the problem before?

Content is everywhere, and so curation is essential for learners to quickly and easily find what’s relevant to them. Our customers are seriously savvy when knowing what they need to help improve their learning solutions. Targeting dynamic groups and restricting the visibility of courses and content were top of their priority list, so we gathered the feedback and started planning.

What was Valamis’ solution?

Audiences now make it possible to create dynamic groups that are automatically updated based on the criteria you pick. For each Audience, you can set rules to include or exclude members that meet the specified criteria rules.

Why are our customers going to love Audiences?

  • Reduce effort – Audiences can both include multiple criteria and exclude multiple criteria.
  • Peace of mind with dynamic groups – learners who match the criteria will be automatically added.
  • Save time when creating content – just create and assign it to pre-created Audiences in one click.
  • Personalise the learning experience for your people by minimising the clutter.


Let’s say you work at a global company and are in Human Resources. You need a quick and easy way to tailor onboarding for the specific needs of your Netherlands team, which have different processes than your other country teams. Create a custom Audience that helps you target learning towards that group.

Simple but beautifully effective, you can now create more personalised content for your learners and restrict access to lessons with the help of Audiences.

Management will find these new tools a quick and straightforward solution for creating dynamic groups of people, assigning content and setting the visibility of lessons. Training can then be distributed based on your specified criteria such as teams or locations, job titles, or departments.

See it in action!

Audiences is a free feature available right now to all Valamis customers. In the new few months we’ll be working on creating even more custom Audiences based on your own data fields, and enabling setting visibility for learning paths, training events and courses. To understand how Audiences can work hard for you, please get in touch with us here.