Valamis product buzz – Stripe for eCommerce

Stripe has now been integrated into the Valamis eCommerce solution as our fully integrated payment gateway provider.

Why do we offer eCommerce in our Learning Solution?

Markets for both eCommerce and digital learning content boomed at the start of the pandemic, they then climbed to record-breaking highs in 2021 and we can be sure that they will continue to do so in 2022 and beyond.

Our customers needed a way to share and monetise their innovative learning content with the online audience and saw that eCommerce within the Valamis ecosystem was the way forward.

Here at Valamis, we are continually enhancing our solutions to match the pace and growth of the market and provide the latest solutions to the next everyday challenge. Adding Stripe to our offering is a great example of this. As a global leader in the world of eCommerce, we saw huge benefits in integrating them into our ecosystem. Stripe is the power behind a variety of eCommerce features and services. You might not know it but at some point, nearly all of us will have been helped at an online checkout by Stripe! This, together with their wide variety of features, plugins, and services is why we’ve chosen them as our payment gateway provider.

The Valamis eCommerce experience is as intuitive as all our learning solutions, and Stripe is the perfect partner to support us.

Why add eCommerce to your L&D strategy?

Are you already designing training that others would benefit from? eCommerce enables you to take things a step further and share your great content with the global market, straight from your Learning Solution. Set your flexible pricing structure and reach out to employees, organisations, and channel partners to create a hub of collaborative learning activity. Manage professional certifications, licensing or compliance training, and sell tickets to events, webinars, and online training all within the learning ecosystem.

Do you want to learn more?

Read the blog by Maaike Beenen, eCommerce Product Manager, on how to use eCommerce in your L&D Strategy here or visit to watch our video. Stripe is an easy way to start your eCommerce journey fast. However, if you already have another payment provider in mind then please get in touch with us and share your ideas!