Valamis product buzz – Valamis App for Microsoft Teams

We are excited to announce the new Valamis App for Microsoft Teams! We’ve integrated with Microsoft Teams to combine learning in the flow of work and training events all in one end-to-end ecosystem.

Why was Valamis App for Microsoft Teams created?

We understand that when using Teams during the working day, it can be difficult to remember to make time for learning as well. The perfect solution? Integrate your Valamis Learning Solution with Microsoft Teams so that learning, training, and everyday communication are all in one place via a seamless SSO login.

There’s no need to manually add and update training events in Outlook or Microsoft Teams, everything can now be managed from the Learning Platform making it effortless to create, monitor and manage events.

How will it benefit you?

We’ve incorporated all the well-known functionality of Microsoft teams into the Valamis ecosystem to provide the best of both experiences.

Most of us are now familiar with Microsoft Teams as its popularity soared during the pandemic to become one of the go-to tools for work-place communication.

Harness the power of Microsoft Teams by bringing people together to collaborate and learn at the same time. Valamis’ new App enables your learners to access their content whilst learning in the flow of everyday work.

Installed directly into your personal Microsoft Teams App, Valamis now streams learning content directly to the end learner. As a bonus, learners can directly access their Valamis Learning Solution from Teams. It’s simple to install, search for the app, click and go learn.

Instructors will save time by creating a webinar from inside Valamis without having to open another app and tracking events is straightforward. Learners now receive Microsoft Teams reminders from their calendars so forgetting to join a webinar will be a thing of the past.

Setting up a Microsoft Teams Webinar event directly inside Valamis*

This just the start of our journey with the Valamis App for Microsoft Teams and we will continue to develop it further throughout the year!

See it in action!

We would love to demo this functionality for you and show how intuitive it is to set up for learners. Please visit to book a free demo.

*Please note that we are continuously developing our product and therefore some features may be subject to change.

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