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Valamis integrations


Valamis App for Microsoft Teams

Harness the power of Microsoft Teams by bringing people together to collaborate and learn at the same time.

Valamis’ App enables your learners to access their content whilst learning in the flow of everyday work.

Installed directly into your personal Microsoft Teams App, Valamis streams learning content directly to the end learner. As a bonus, learners can directly access their Valamis Learning Solution from Teams. It’s simple to install, search for the app, click and learn.

Valamis App for Microsoft Teams

Your Definitive Guide to AI in Corporate Learning

The guide provides insights into how artificial intelligence can be used to personalise learning and thereby enhance the performance of the entire business.

Integrate external training resources with Valamis

Save time on content creation by delivering expert content at the click of a button.

Valamis integrates with the world’s best providers to provide quality, up-to-date content and eLearning.

Integrate external training resources with Valamis

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