How to connect skill building to career mobility

About this guide

Today, the job market is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Employees are looking for new challenges and opportunities every couple of years and companies are constantly switching strategies and developing new requirements, looking for people who can meet those needs.

Being successful in this fast-paced environment means being able to adjust quickly. The answer for both sides is career mobility.

Instead of spending considerable time and effort on searching for replacements or new employees that need to be onboarded and eased into company culture, many organizations have come to understand the value of reskilling and upskilling the workforce they already have. This then benefits management by cutting costs while maintaining productivity and, at the same time, motivating employees by providing them with opportunities for change and growth.

Our guide contains valuable insights into how companies can effectively leverage their reskilling and upskilling initiatives by connecting employees with new skills and career opportunities within your company, increasing employee retention in the process.

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This guide provides valuable insights into:

  • Recent data from the job market proving the value of career mobility
  • How to connect upskilling and reskilling programs to career mobility
  • Four steps to start developing successful skills development and career mobility programs
  • How to create a culture of internal mobility
  • How to measure and review results
  • Tools to help simplifying the process