L&D Transformation framework

Want to create a learning and development strategy that totally supports your organization’s goals and objectives?

Check out our white paper for helpful tips to design and assess your L&D strategy.

About this white paper

Are you ready to take your learning and development (L&D) strategy to the next level and make it even more in line with your organization’s goals and objectives? Having a clear learning strategy is keystone for boosting performance, nurturing innovation, and reaching long-term success!

What you’ll receive:
Our comprehensive framework includes a thought-provoking set of questions and a practical spreadsheet template (Excel) to kickstart your L&D analysis, enabling you to:

  • Assess your current L&D strategy: Gain a clear understanding of where your L&D efforts stand today.
  • Strategize for future growth: Plan and prioritize your L&D initiatives across various areas.
  • Communicate your vision: Visualize and articulate your L&D roadmap effectively.

What you’ll learn

Reading this white paper, discover how to:

  • Set inspiring goals and objectives: Create actionable goals aligned with your vision and set measurable objectives to drive excellence.
  • Design with purpose: Develop an L&D framework that supports your strategic goals using our blueprint guide.
  • Measure success with precision: Use effective metrics to evaluate, track progress, identify improvements, and celebrate achievements.

Who will benefit?

  • L&D and HR professionals
  • Learning leaders

Download the framework

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Ville Tuominen

Principal Learning Consultant


Ville Tuominen is the Principal Learning Consultant at Valamis. Before joining Valamis, Ville led the development of eLearning environments at Riveria (formerly PKKY), including the development of the eLearning environment at the NASA Epic Challenge program. Ville has been an expert speaker in several learning conferences regarding learning analytics in an organizational framework. He has a background teaching in STEM subjects, and he is currently working on his doctoral thesis on measuring learning and learning impact through intelligent learning ecosystems.

Jari Jarvela

Jari Järvelä

Chief Visionary Officer


Jari has 20 years of work experience in the field of digital learning, and he has a deep understanding of both the challenges and advantages it brings. Due to his background as a Master of Education (M.Ed.), he has seen many sides of corporate learning—from training and helping teachers to understanding how digitalization can be utilized as part of learning processes, and even renewing large private and public sector organizations’ learning strategies and solutions. Jari is a co-founder of Valamis LXP (Learning Experience Platform) and has been closely involved in its product development since, which he is currently leading.

Jens Harju

Former Lead Data Scientist at Valamis

Jens was formerly responsible for data science-related projects and solutions at Valamis. He worked in project management, consulting and solution delivery roles on multiple analytics projects across industries. He has a double MSc degree with a specialization in Industrial Engineering, Finance and Econometrics.