Training evaluation form

Are you tired of conducting training sessions without knowing if it is effective or efficient? Do you want to measure the impact of your training programs and improve them in the future? Valamis is here to help with our Training Evaluation Form Template!

training evaluation form preview

Training evaluation form preview

About this template

Why use a training evaluation form?

  • Understand training impact and gather valuable feedback directly from learners
  • Evaluate course quality and identify areas for improvement to maximize future sessions
  • Use participant feedback to shape new training programs and activities
  • Identify skills gaps and enhance your learning programs based on collected data

Benefits of Training evaluation form:

  • Measure training effectiveness
  • Find areas for improvement
  • Enhance training quality
  • Justify training investments
  • Demonstrate the ROI of your L&D budget
  • Boost participant engagement

Who will find it useful?

  • Corporate training departments
  • L&D specialists
  • HR professionals and managers
  • Trainers and instructors
  • Educational institutions
  • Instructional designers
  • Learning consultants

How to use it

Our downloadable template comes in PDF formats, making it easy to print and use to your organization’s needs.

By using this template, organizations can effectively evaluate their training programs, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the success of their training sessions.

Download our Training Evaluation Form Template and take the first step towards more effective and impactful training programs!