How to get started with AI in learning

This white paper debunks the myths behind AI in L&D and provides clear instructions and helpful tips for organizations that want to start using AI and personalization in their learning programs.

About this guide

AI flew into our lives with the speed of a rocket and changed our daily lives month by month.
Many organizations around the world are considering or already using it to improve their business. We bet L&D and HR professionals use it as well.

In this guide, we aimed to help you understand what AI can do in L&D, how you can use it, what it takes to implement it, and how AI can affect employee engagement and achieve a bigger, measurable learning impact.

Our updated white paper in PDF format offers step-by-step guides, hints, and tips for organizations unsure how to begin and what to do.

What you will get

Reading this guide, learn how to:

  • build your own Machine Learning for training purposes;
  • use AI to achieve high performance in Corporate Learning;
  • achieve high performance in business by leveraging AI capabilities.

Who will find it useful?

  • L&D and HR professionals
  • Learning leaders

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Jari Jarvela

Jari Järvelä

Chief Visionary Officer

Jari has 20 years of work experience in the field of digital learning, and he has a deep understanding of both the challenges and advantages it brings. Due to his background as a Master of Education (M.Ed.), he has seen many sides of corporate learning—from training and helping teachers to understanding how digitalization can be utilized as part of learning processes, and even renewing large private and public sector organizations’ learning strategies and solutions. Jari is a co-founder of Valamis LXP (Learning Experience Platform) and has been closely involved in its product development since, which he is currently leading.

Kevin Groh

Senior Marketing Specialist

Kevin is a German author and Marketing Specialist with a background in electrical engineering. As a trained industrial clerk, Kevin quickly moved into marketing while studying to be an industrial engineer. At the same time, he published his first two books in the German market. He started at Valamis in 2018, and he is responsible for marketing in the DACH region. In early 2021, he published his first novel in the US for a global audience.