Gain new knowledge quicker and overcome disruption

Learning, just-in-time

Microlearning, or microtraining, is used to teach employees new skills and help them solve current problems without disturbing their work for too long at once. It is all about focusing on the unique learning needs of your employees to help them shine in what they do.

Valamis - Learning Experience platform uses the latest technologies to solve the learning challenges brought to any organization by the accelerating digital transformation. Deploy the microlearning philosophy in your organization and deliver the learning content with Valamis to keep your employees in pace with the transformation.

The Definitive Guide to Microlearning

The what, why, and how-to guide to leveraging microlearning.

Use Valamis & Microlearning to

1. Gain new knowledge quickly

Help employees gain new knowledge quickly within the flow of work to solve the problem they are currently working on.

2. Make learning and retraining less disruptive

Make learning entirely new skills and retraining employees less disruptive by splitting the content into smaller pieces.

Microlearning in the workplace

Good microlearning content is focused; each learning module has one learning goal. Just-in-time learning, served in small bites, makes the entire learning process more efficient.

Microlearning is often related to specific and detailed information the learner requires immediately to continue working. Valamis is the ideal platform to help employees learn new skills and gain knowledge within the flow of work.


Microlearning is learner-centric. Learning is not tied to time and dates. Valamis gives your employees the power and tools to learn where and whenever they need to.

Increase productivity

Microlearning increases employees’ productivity, as less time is used in training. New competences are achieved faster, because the content is more focused. Learning analytics make the progress visible and easier to manage.

More independent learning

Microlearning helps employees to take charge of their own learning, which makes them empowered and more engaged. Valamis shows them their progress and suggests what they should learn next.

Better focus

The short content modules keep the learners’ attention better, leading to better learning, retention and application.

The effortless ways of content creation

In microlearning each learning module answers a precise question which makes it easier to create content and keep it up-to-date. In Valamis, the content can be short videos, podcasts, pdfs, infographics, gifs - or pretty much any kind of content you can share online.

Learning from peers is a great way to share and gain new skills and knowledge, so we made it easy for everyone to add learning content.

The content you need, when you need it

Valamis LXP makes it easy for your employees to access the information needed, when they need it, using any device they have on hand. Microlearning can be both self-directed and offered as part of learning paths.

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