From Theory to Practice: Boost Learning Engagement

Webinar on demand

Discover the tactics that enabled Magyar Telekom to achieve an impressive 60% completion rate across their learning paths.

Are you struggling to engage employees with learning and development, despite investing in top-tier learning technology tools? Uncover the reasons behind this common challenge in this on demand webinar, featuring insights directly from firsthand experiences.

Watch the webinar recording to learn:

1. Insights into Magyar Telekom’s digital learning transformation
Understand the journey of Magyar Telekom’s digital learning transformation, which will provide a roadmap to navigate your own organization’s transition to effective digital learning.

2. How to advance learning capabilities of your teams
Learn strategies to boost the learning capabilities of your teams, including how to implement successful learning engagement tactics and optimize learning technology to achieve your organizational goals.

3. How to reframe learning engagement strategies
Discover how Magyar Telekom’s Influencer Academy reshapes learning engagement, offering ideas on implementing similar innovative approaches in your organization for more engaging and effective learning experiences.

4. How to overcome digital learning challenges
Gain insights into overcoming common obstacles in digital learning, drawing from the experiences and solutions found by the experts, and apply these lessons to enhance your digital learning initiatives.

Magyar Telekom is one Europe’s most valuable brands​ and the first Hungarian multinational company to use a dedicated LXP platform. This comprehensive session offers a deep dive into the specific strategies of our speakers, Tünde and Peter, Digital Learning Experts at Magyar Telekom. Watch now to hear how these experts navigated daily challenges and are now eager to share their valuable experiences. This session will be pivotal in helping you understand and overcome your own learning engagement obstacles.

Recorded: 29 November 2023

Duration: Approx. 1 hour


Péter Trembeczki

Digital Learning Expert

Péter Trembeczki is the Product Owner of Digital Learning & Learning Experience Platform for Magyar Telekom. His background includes visual and e-learning design with a focus on creating an exceptional user experience. With a passion and talent for clean, modern design, Peter relishes bringing digital learning experiences to their ultimate potential.


Tünde Chira

Digital Learning Experience Expert

Tünde Chira is a Digital Learning Expert at Magyar Telekom. She plays a pivotal role in managing the Valamis platform within the organization, handling various aspects such as content management, user management, and reporting. Tünde is deeply passionate about internal knowledge sharing, to the extent that it served as the topic of her master's thesis.


Daniel Mills

Senior Learning Consultant with Valamis

Daniel is a Learning & Development professional with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality and retail catering environment. He has helped organisations move away from traditional paper and classroom-based development methods to online blended solutions, using technology as the enabler for learning. Supporting key stakeholders to launch online learning solutions successfully in the UK and internationally, Daniel has enhanced many existing development frameworks. Currently, Daniel is a Senior Learning Consultant for Valamis.