The Power of Social Learning: Building Knowledge, Community, and Trust

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In organisations, the flow of knowledge is catalysed by trust. Trust is based on the culture within the work community, and work communities have changed drastically during the transition to hybrid work. Technology has transformed our day-to-day work, and our expectations, especially regarding access to information.

Learning has become an integral part of work but having engaged learners in the workplace is a challenge for many companies. One method to engage learners that has gained traction is social learning. Social learning can help foster diverse perspectives, as well as respect, understanding, and empathy of those perspectives. The power of social learning lies in the fact that it helps teams learn together as a community and in turn can build strong bonds with trust amongst team members.

In this webinar, Harold Jarche, Workplace Collaboration Consultant at Jarche Consulting, and Maaike Beenen, Product Manager at Valamis, will describe:

  • How social learning and sharing knowledge builds the workplace community and trust
  • How inefficient learning influences on workplace resilience
  • How to connect knowledge sharing between networks, communities, and teams
  • How organisations can remove barriers to social learning
  • How a large multinational organisation improved knowledge sharing across departments

Broadcasted on: 26th of January 2022
Duration: 1 hour


Harold Jarche

Workplace Collaboration Consultant, Jarche Consulting

Harold Jarche works with individuals, organizations, and public policy influencers to develop practical ways to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, and sensemaking. In 2003 Harold launched his independent consulting practice in Sackville, NB, Canada. He has served a wide variety of clients and has been a speaker at many venues worldwide. As work and learning become integrated in a networked society, Harold sees great opportunities to create new organizational models. Being able to understand emerging situations, see patterns, and co-solve problems are now essential business skills. As Harold says, work is learning & learning is the work.


Maaike Beenen

Senior UX Designer

Maaike Beenen is a former Product Manager and UX Designer at Valamis. Maaike's extensive background includes 18 years of experience in design and business. Her approach focuses on creating a future proof, easy-to-use, great product that people enjoy using.