Product Buzz: AI translations for multilingual training content management 

Valamis is excited to roll out an AI-based translation solution for international organizations offering multilingual training. As the need for smooth, efficient multilingual training grows, our innovative solution is here to meet that demand, making life easier for our customers.

What’s the Buzz?

Managing multilingual training content is a major challenge for international organizations. Traditional translation processes are time-consuming and error-prone, holding back efficient learning and development (L&D) initiatives.

In response to customer feedback, Valamis has developed an AI-based translation solution using Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI technology. Our new tool helps L&D professionals and content creators seamlessly create and manage multilingual content, significantly advancing our product offering.

Why have we created an AI translation tool?

At our Customer Advisory Board meeting last year, AI translations were a top request. Some of our clients have over 10,000 translated lesson modules, underscoring the critical need for this feature in large-scale operations. Our AI-based translation tool is designed to help L&D professionals manage multilingual content in an easy, effective way.

Key features

Our solution enables the creation and updating of lessons in one language, with automated translations into other languages. Users can manage lesson meta-information and content centrally, ensuring seamless and cost-effective updates. AI-generated content can be viewed and edited before publishing, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Rob MacAllister, our Customer Success Director, knows this will be well received by customers, commenting: “Our new AI Translation functionality enables all our customers to create content in multiple languages within our native lesson creation functionality, ‘Lesson Studio,’ efficiently and with ease. Most importantly, all content created in Lesson Studio is xAPI native too. One of the big focuses from our customers this year has been to improve their efficiency in their day-to-day tasks, so we’re delighted to roll this out to all customers at no additional charge.”

Benefits for our customers

Valamis’ AI-based translation solution makes managing multilingual content straightforward. With fewer translation tasks, L&D professionals can concentrate on strategic initiatives. This reduces the risk of content loss and keeps training programs running smoothly across different languages. Powered by Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI technology, we ensure accuracy and scalability, showing our dedication to providing a great user experience and innovation in learning technology.

Discover more about our AI roadmap here!

“Our new AI translations tool allows our customers to reach their global workforce in their language, maximizing comprehension of important compliance and other training. It’s built into the management of multilingual content but stands alone as a human value for both employees and L&D.”

Mika Kuikka

Mika Kuikka

President, Valamis, North America