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Unlocking Over 4 Million Euros in Annual Savings: Transforming learning and development with Valamis’ modern LMS


  • A leading Nordic government agency dedicated to educational standards sought a modern L&D solution in 2017 to enhance learner experiences
  • Their goal was to launch the Valamis Learning Solution to 300,000 users


  • Valamis collaborated closely with the agency, providing tailored technical setups and extensive training
  • Implementation focused on using data analytics to monitor, measure, and optimize the educational programs


  • Data-driven decision-making and course optimization led to tangible improvements
  • Insights from a course for companies employing interns resulted in a staggering 120,000 hours saved annually, equating to €4,200,000 in cost savings

“Valamis has revolutionized our approach to learning and development, delivering substantial savings and data-driven insights. This collaboration has redefined efficiency and effectiveness in our education landscape.” – Nordic customer


A leading government agency from Nordics dedicated to upholding educational standards sought a modern approach to learning and development (L&D). Committed to promoting equal opportunities and enhancing learner experiences, they partnered with Valamis in 2017. Their ambitious project, running from December 2017 to June 2018, aimed to roll out the Valamis Learning Solution to a vast audience of 300,000, ranging from educators to affiliated businesses, with an impressive engagement of 50-70,000 active users annually.

The project required a solid foundation. The agency prioritized a technical setup tailored to their needs and wanted to ensure that they knew how to use the platform to the fullest and customizing it to resonate with their brand.

First, training sessions were set up to ensure the project team had all the skills and knowledge they needed. Valamis backed this transformation with a diverse team including a Solution Delivery Manager, Learning Solution Partner, Technical Lead, Technical Consultant, and a UX Designer. Further support was provided by delivery specialists, the technical solution team and user experience experts.

“This was my first customer case when I started working at Valamis.

The customer’s use cases have constantly evolved and gotten more focused since the beginning of this project. This has required us to constantly adapt and redesign our solution, but it has not been an issue thanks to our very close collaboration with the customer’s project team. Meeting with them at least once a week has been the key to building a trusting partnership, focusing on end user experience and feedback when prioritizing development items, and ensure we keep aiming at shared goals.

This is a really dear project for me personally, and I’m grateful for having been able to grow with them for my entire career here at Valamis.” – Learning Solution Partner (LSP), Juho Haapiainen, Valamis

The power of analytics

At the inception of our collaboration, the primary intent for analytics was to serve statistical needs. However, as the partnership matured, it became evident that data offered much more:

  • Monitoring & Measuring: Continuous tracking of platform usage and understanding which courses or tools users gravitate towards.
  • Decision-making Insights: Leveraging data to enhance course structures, promote continuous learning to minimize dropout rates, and save time for learners.
  • Untapped Potential: The current use of data just skims the surface, hinting at more profound, untapped opportunities for optimization.


  • Data-driven Decision-making: Leveraged Valamis’ Learning Analytics to enhance training efficiency, leading to tangible improvements in educational programs.
  • Statistical Reporting: Offered comprehensive statistics, including grades, and passing rates, to the Governmental Educational Regulatory Authority.
  • Course Optimization: Analysed courses to reduce dropout rates and identify time-saving measures, directly improving user learning experiences.

Quantifying value: from insights to tangible results

To illustrate the tangible benefits, consider the course for companies employing interns. With approximately 60,000 annual participants, data-driven insights revealed areas where users struggled or spent excessive time. By addressing these challenges, the course duration was reduced by two hours per participant.

Result: A staggering 120,000 hours saved annually. With an average cost saving of €35/hour, this translates to a whopping €4,200,000 saved every year.

Looking ahead

With an eye towards the future, the customer is gearing up to harness the power of data even more comprehensively in the coming year. In collaboration with Valamis, they will gain direct access to the learning database, allowing for a deeper dive into the troves of valuable information.

By importing this data into advanced data visualization tools, they plan to unveil intricate patterns, actionable insights, and potential areas of growth. This strategic move promises not only to improve decision-making but also to tailor educational experiences more precisely. By blending technology with foresight, the customer is poised to set new benchmarks in educational excellence and efficiency.

In alignment with these efforts, the customer also has plans to onboard a second L&D instance to enrich their educational offering.

Having direct access to the database will be instrumental in amalgamating data from both L&D instances. This integration will not only ensure consistent insights across platforms but also enhance the quality and depth of those insights.

The customer’s dual approach of expanding their platform while intensifying their data analytics capabilities will undoubtedly set new standards in educational excellence and efficiency. By synergizing technology and vision, the customer is on a trajectory to pioneer benchmarks in the educational domain.

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