Innovative learning experience for Sweden’s gaming community


  • Creating an interactive, engaging, and social learning experience for young gamers
  • Meeting specific training needs of a young gaming network, with a majority aged between 15 and 25 years old


  • Developed Skilltree, an innovative and interactive Learning Experience Platform (LXP) in collaboration with Valamis
  • Implemented self-assessment features for mentorship program support
  • Integrated gamification elements into learning paths to enhance engagement


  • Skilltree provides a centralized platform for content creation, delivery, tracking, and reporting
  • Offers management training for gaming club enthusiasts and general gaming knowledge for gamers
  • Highlights learner achievements through certificates and badges

Sverok, a Swedish national federation for non-profit gaming clubs, is focused on supporting local gaming clubs. With over 55,000 members in 1,700 clubs across the country, Sverok is one of Sweden’s largest youth federations and helps young gamers manage their gaming associations.

People are playing video games and laughing.

The challenge: creating an interactive, engaging, social learning experience for young gamers

Sverok’s goal is to leverage knowledge from the gaming clubs to provide effective and engaging training for active members. To meet the specific training needs of the young gamers network, Sverok partnered with Valamis to create Skilltree, an innovative and interactive learning solution that launched in March 2020.

Sverok was challenged with creating a modern, social, and interactive solution to attract and maintain their young gaming network (a majority of the members are between 15 and 25 years old). They wanted to offer the most innovative platform for their technology-savvy learners, so they decided to go for a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) instead of a traditional Learning Management System (LMS). Content curation and user-led experience offered by an LXP allows the gaming network members to contribute their own content, which supports Sverok’s focus on knowledge sharing.

After extensive research and evaluation of several LXP solution options, Sverok chose Valamis because of its unique approach to digital learning. Valamis’ intuitive, fresh, and modern user interface enabled Sverok to customize the look and feel as well as contextualize the language for their younger gamer audience.

“We wanted a flexible, modern platform that could be tailored to our needs, offer the latest technological innovations, and grow with our organization over time.

We evaluated several LXP solutions and Valamis was the only platform that met all our requirements, such as xAPI and Open Badges, together with all the latest LXP features available in the market.”, explained Gabrielle de Bourg, Learning Manager at Sverok.

The solution: one centralized platform for content creation, delivery, and tracking

Sverok delivers two types of learning paths for gaming clubs. The first learning path is for management training for young gaming enthusiasts running the clubs, and the second helps gamers improve their general gaming knowledge.

Skilltree learning environment

Sverok calls their learning environment Skilltree. Learners can easily access recommendations, stats, and their ongoing training from the start page.

In collaboration with the gaming club members, Sverok also provides gaming hobby-specific training, for example learning paths focused on digital playing.

Skilltree lessons view

Sverok’s learning content covers both management training for enthusiasts running the gaming clubs, and general gaming knowledge for gamers.

It is essential for Sverok to manage training with a single centralized solution; therefore, the entirety of their learning development process is regulated on the Valamis platform – from creating content to learning delivery, tracking and reporting.

Sverok also uses Valamis’ self-assessment features, which support their mentorship program by allowing mentors to get feedback and reports from trainees. Mentors and trainees write reports which are then stored in Valamis.

Skilltree quizzes

Interactive lessons created with Valamis Lesson Studio add a hint of gamification to the learning experience. Learners can for example test their knowledge in different types of quizzes.

“The Valamis team provided us invaluable support during the implementation process. They prioritized user experience, had all the necessary features we needed, combined with a modern and flexible graphical user interface. The Valamis team has a unique, modern approach to digital learning.

As gaming is all about communities, we created a platform that encourages user interactivity and highlights learner achievements. To empower users, we give them a certificate and a badge when they finish a learning path, so they can highlight their accomplishments to their network.

The goal was to create a gamified learning experience that would combine our users’ love of gaming with learning,” commented de Bourg.

Continued partnership

“We’re looking forward to growing the partnership with Sverok over time to support their gaming network.

We keep adding new, innovative features like gamification to the Valamis platform, to make sure organizations like Sverok will always have the latest technology available,” commented Jari Järvelä, Head of Business Development, Valamis.

Since Sverok’s young audience prefers to learn on their mobile device, the team is currently looking into introducing a mobile app. There’s also an on-going focus to create new content and new gamification features, to keep the members engaged and active, as well as attract new users.

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