Product buzz – Valamis App x Microsoft Marketplace

The latest from Valamis’s collaboration with Microsoft Teams

What’s the buzz so far?

For the past few years, the Valamis App has been revolutionising the learning experience for our customers, seamlessly integrating with MS Teams. Now, it’s set to reach even greater heights!

Recognising that Microsoft Teams serves as a central hub for many daily workflows, our Valamis App for MS Teams has now been accepted to the Microsoft Marketplace. This means it’s no longer just an add-on; it’s a game-changer.

What does this mean for you?

The app’s seamless alignment with Microsoft’s stringent criteria and guidelines has been thoroughly validated. This stamp of approval signifies an unwavering commitment to upholding Microsoft’s exacting standards, spanning quality, security, and the user experience. Microsoft Marketplace means it’s easier for app users to keep up with the latest features.

And for learners this means…

Our approach is all about making learning effortless, engaging, and accessible. With our app, learning content isn’t tucked away in a separate platform; it’s right there within MS Teams – at your fingertips, a whole new level of convenience!

We’ve set our sights on 2024 being a big year for development of the Valamis App for MS Teams. Here’s a sneak peek into our vision for our upcoming exciting roadmap:

  • Search in the App: Your content, inside Teams. Browse, search, and explore Valamis and 3rd party content directly inside MS Teams. From continuing learning to personalised events, it’s all at your fingertips.
  • Enhanced Content Sharing: Easily share Valamis resources within Teams chats, with visual previews that neatly display the shared content.
  • Valamis Notifications: Stay in the loop with integrated notifications, ensuring you never miss important updates and alerts.
  • Personalisation with Insights and What’s Next: Get a clear view of your learning journey, complete with insights and recommendations, right in Teams.

“We’ve hit a major milestone with getting the app accepted in the marketplace. Our primary focus now is on expanding the list of features that will gradually eliminate the barrier between work and seamlessly switching to Valamis when time allows it” Iris van der Laan, Product Manager at Valamis

And the future?

At Valamis, our dedication is to ensure your learning journey is not just successful but exceptional. We always work closely with our customers to measure the success of our app on:

  • Boosting Learning Engagement
  • Fostering Seamless Collaboration and Content Sharing
  • Saving Precious Time in Achieving Learning Goals
  • Contributing to ROI and demonstrating a return on learning

Our journey doesn’t stop here! Stay tuned as we continue to develop and deepen our commitment to make learning in the flow of work a reality.