Valamis product buzz – New Skills

With skills shortages, skills gaps, upskilling and reskilling now more crucial than ever the Valamis Skills feature has been upgraded for the new world of workforce development and competency management.

The buzz about New Skills

The eagerly awaited update to the Valamis Skills feature has now landed! Straight off the production line, it’s already delighting our customers with its new, fresh design and fluid user experience.

We’ve also put a lot of thought into the admin-level experience with this release. Often forgotten, we recognise it’s equally important to make the administrators experience just as enjoyable to use. Now, admin-level users can access a separate tab to add and manage new skills, skill groups, and skill levels with the same great UX experience as the learners have.

What was the situation before new Skills?

The Valamis learning solution has included skills tools as standard for many years, but with the current climate of skills shortages, upskilling and reskilling discussions are more fervent than ever. As a result, we recognised that it was time to upgrade Valamis Skills for the newly emerging world of workforce development and competency management.

What solution did we create to solve this?

Following extensive customer research conducting over two years, this release includes:

  • Admin access to manage skills and skill groups
  • Skills and Skill groups are connected to Valamis Categories
  • Skill group visibility for set audiences
  • A dedicated Skills home page, for browsing and updating skills
  • Editing skills easily using a slider
  • Personal goals and favourite skills bookmarking
  • Learners own goals and skill gaps are visible with ‘My Skills’ view
  • Skill based content and learning recommendations

Skills Overview in Valamis

The future of skills

There is no doubt that skills will continue to remain a high priority for the foreseeable future. For us, this is just a first round of development for new Valamis Skills, and we’ll continue to work on the this for the remainder of 2023 with a focus on:

  • A new reporting set for Skills to bring the very lasted advances in data analytics to skills management
  • Adding the ability for Admin or Supervisors to adjust the skills of others in the organisation

Interested in exploring further?

For further information on our skills feature please visit our skills management use case page. To understand more about what skills means to our customers, watch our Customer Success Director Rob explaining the importance of skill management.