Onboarding checklist template

Make a great first impression for new hires with our onboarding checklist template.

About the onboarding checklist

Onboarding is a crucial topic for organizations and L&D. It’s a challenge we frequently hear about, but it also presents a significant opportunity for L&D to make a positive first impression.

We created this onboarding checklist to help you establish a strong and lasting onboarding process. It ensures new hires get the knowledge, skills, and support they need to succeed, boosting your organization’s growth. Our simple checklist helps you start the process efficiently.

Download it now to streamline your onboarding and set new employees up for success from day one.

How to use this checklist

Feel free to utilize the template as-is or customize it to suit your specific needs by making a copy and exploring its features. Included in this package are four templates designed for both Google Sheets and Excel.

For detailed instructions on how to effectively use these templates, refer to our comprehensive onboarding process guide. Dive in and streamline your checklist management today!

Templates included in this Checklist

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