Fostering a Collaborative Learning Culture with Hybrid Work

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The events of the past two years radically changed where people work but not how they work. Organizations are scrambling to figure out a new normal that gives employees and businesses more flexibility and agility to respond to a quickly changing world. How to do so is another matter. Organizations are complex systems with overlapping rewards, barriers, and needs that are hard to untangle. Where do you start?

Looking at the experience of employees can give us clues. To effectively navigate, individuals narrow their focus to immediate work tasks and colleagues. That narrow focus is suitable for short-term efficiency, but over time it degrades organizational culture and trust, learning, and innovation. Hybrid work practices exacerbate this impact because there are even fewer opportunities for casual interactions. However, most organizations were never well-designed to efficiently connect employees across silos, geographies, and other barriers – the pandemic just made the issue much more explicit and obvious.

Those organizations that invested in building online enterprise social networks had an easier time adjusting to the pandemic, and they are demonstrating the dramatic results an enterprise network can have on efficient communication, culture change, innovation, and productivity while also changing work practices.

Join Rachel Happe, Founder of Engaged Organizations, and Brady Marchewka, Valamis Junior Sales Executive, to learn about how to:

  • Build online networks of communities that include communities designed for learning, communications, cross-functional innovation, market and business intelligence, and support for general resources
  • Develop enterprise teams responsible for governance, training, stakeholder communications, infrastructure design, and metrics.
  • Create approaches that help teams rationalize technology use and increase flexibility for individuals by increasing asynchronous work practices.
  • Craft community strategies that prompt cross-functional networking, engagement, and learning.
  • Shift mindsets about what it means to manage and lead when information access allows for distributed decision-making and self-management.

Broadcasted on: 30th of August 2022
Duration: 1 hour


Rachel Happe

Founder, Engaged Organizations

Rachel Happe is the Founder of Engaged Organizations and works to bring connection, joy, and trust to workplaces by building community-centric cultures. Rachel works at the intersection of technology, governance, leadership and communications. Prior to Engaged Organizations, she co-founded The Community Roundtable in 2009 where she published a decade of groundbreaking research focused documenting the discipline and value of fostering community-centric cultures. Her clients have included BASF, AMEX, City Year, AAAS, Aspen Institute, EA, Microsoft, Hilti, and the World Bank Group. Rachel has over twenty-five years of experience working with emerging technologies and has served as a product executive at Mzinga, Bitpass, & IDe, and as IDC’s first market analyst covering social technologies. Rachel’s writing has been published in Harvard Business Review, CMSWire, and Information Week.


Brady Marchewka

Junior Sales Executive, Valamis

Brady is Junior Sales Executive of the US and Canada at Valamis. He has spent his career in Sales Development pushing organizations to achieve and surpass their business goals. With a passion for learning and helping others, Brady takes immense pride in his work launching online blended learning solutions to help others achieve their learning and organizational goals.