Meet Valbo - The AI Learning Assistant Integrated with Slack

AI in corporate learning is here. Valamis introduces a Slack integration with the support of an AI-powered chatbot. Valbo is a Digital Learning Assistant powered by IBM Watson technology.

According to Gartner, by 2021, more than 50 percent of enterprises will be spending more on bots and chatbot creations than traditional mobile app developments. User attention is shifting away from individual apps on mobile devices and splintering across emerging post-app technologies such as bots and chatbots. Today, chatbots are the face of AI and will impact all areas where communication between humans appear.1

Valbo helps learners find the most relevant learning materials in your learning environment, as well as provides recommendations based on the contextualized content.

Just ask Valbo what you want to know or which skill you want to improve and he will provide you with materials based on your completed courses, role, interests, and activity.

Valbo integration with Slack

Personalized learning is always more engaging and effective. Individual learning preferences, background, interests, and skills have a direct impact on what kind of information each individual learner needs at that moment in order to learn effectively. All of these things are taken into account in Valamis with Valbo.

Slack integration

Valbo can be integrated into Slack, which will link your communication and collaboration tools with Valamis.
With that link in place, Valbo can recommend and notify users about new and relevant content on your learning platform within Slack. This is especially important for time-sensitive compliance related learning content.

Additionally, you can save and share YouTube videos, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations directly to Valamis with the help of Valbo.

By your request, Valbo can also take that content and create Valamis lessons out of it, which in turn can be used for analytics and learning management. The learning content is available to anyone you want, and you can track how it's being used in detail thanks to the analytical and microlearning capabilities of Valamis.

Valamis integration with Slack

With the Slack integration, you save a lot of valuable time, and learners are able to find information just-in-time when they need it, which makes work more efficient.

Sharing and publishing all your PDFs and Powerpoints to Valamis becomes a matter of just asking Valbo to do it for you.

You can even ask Valbo to suggest a beer based on your preferences.

Valbo - Digital learning assistant

1 Market Trends: Five Emerging Artificial Intelligence Use Cases Fuel IT Services Opportunities for Intelligent Automation, Published: 24 March 2017 ID: G00324924