Personalize Corporate Learning with Valamis

"One size does not fit all," when it comes to corporate learning and training. Making learning personalized has a great impact on the learning outcomes. When new concepts are linked to a learner's previous experience, it results in better understanding, and learning becomes more effective. Effective learning leaves more time for productive work, and the results are of a higher quality. More efficient employees raise your business to next level and well-organized learning turns into a competitive advantage for your corporation.

The webinar was held in November of 2017.

Creating personalized learning within organizations must be cost effective and scalable. Valamis and Liferay will show you a technology solution that has proven to boost organizational efficiency, quality assurance, and cost savings. Join us for the webinar "Personalize corporate learning with Valamis" to learn more about personalized learning and how AI help can help make corporate learning more effective.

Key takeaways

  • What does personalized learning mean?
  • How do you personalize the learning process and offer content in the best format for each individual?
  • How do you shorten the time to competence with personalized learning?
  • How can AI help in making corporate learning more effective? 


A teacher by training, Juho Haapiainen joined the Valamis team in 2016 as an Instructional Designer. He provides a pedagogical approach to the design of digital learning solutions, as well as training for the customers using them. His focus is on finding out how learners adapt to the changes brought on by the digitalization of learning, how their needs are best met, and how to develop and utilize technologies that truly support individual learning.

About Valamis and Liferay

Valamis is an internationally growing IT company that specializes in the digitalization of learning. Liferay is the provider of the world's leading open-source enterprise-class portal platform. In 2014 Liferay granted Valamis the highly regarded Platinum Partner status. Valamis is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that has been created as an efficient product for the Liferay environment by Valamis. Valamis LXP helps customers convert the benefits of the digital transformation into a competitive advantage. Valamis' customers are large organizations in both private and public sectors.