Developing Leaders for a Changing Workplace

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Leaders today are being forced to address the toughest challenges as we are being faced with monumental and collective change. In order to guide and manage a team through unprecedented challenges, managers and leaders must re-evaluate the qualities that define good leadership and what it will look like for the future.

In this webinar, Valamis Digital Learning Consultant, Dawn Vieira, asks Yale University’s Women’s Leadership Program Faculty Director, Emma Seppälä, Ph.D., what leadership means today and how leaders can be better prepared for the challenges of a changing workplace.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What are the biggest challenges for managers and leaders today, and how can they overcome them?
  • How can people inspire and lead their teams?
  • How can leaders identify and prevent employee burnout?
  • Why is positive leadership the leadership of the future?

Broadcasted on: 31st of August 2021

Duration: 1 hour


Emma Seppälä, Ph.D.

Yale University’s Women’s Leadership Program Faculty Director

EMMA SEPPÄLÄ, Ph.D., is a Lecturer at the Yale School of Management and Faculty Director of the Yale School of Management’s Women’s Leadership Program. An international keynote speaker and author, her book The Happiness Track (HarperOne, 2016) has been translated into dozens of languages. She is also the Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education. Seppälä’s expertise is positive leadership, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and social connection. Her research has been published in top academic journals and featured in major news outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, and CBSNews.


Dawn Vieira

Senior Learning Solution Partner, Valamis

Dawn Vieira is a Senior Learning Solution Partner at Valamis helping clients maximise their digital learning experience platform and user engagement. She has spent the majority of her professional life in the Learning and Development space both contributing and leading talented teams. Her passion for helping others succeed has been the driving force behind her accomplishments.