The What, Why & How of Digital Learning Transformation

Webinar on Demand

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed many organisations to adapt and reform their processes. Many companies took this time to integrate scalable technologies and platforms to give their employees a chance to learn new skills. Some agile organisations have shared how they were able to implement digital technologies to adjust to the changing situations.

In this webinar, Valamis Key Account Manager, Maiju Väänänen, will host a discussion about the impact the Covid-19 pandemic had on digital learning transformations. Valtech Global Academy Director, Christian Haahr Sigsgaard, Develhub Director, Dick Krikke and Valamis Sales Executive, Leon van Overdijk will join the discussion to help L&D managers take the proper steps to ensure a smooth transition of their digital learning transformation for their organisation.

Watch the webinar to gain insights about:

  • What does digital learning transformation look like for companies post-pandemic?
  • Why does a digital learning transformation matter to organisations and employees?
  • How can you plan out your digital learning journey to ensure a successful transition?

Broadcasted on: 14th of July 2021

Duration: 1 h


Christian Haahr Sigsgaard​

Global Academy Director, Valtech​

Building on his background in psychology, Christian Haahr Sigsgaard​ has devoted his career to organizational learning and development. Christian started his career as an external consultant but has for the last two years been leading Valtech Academy. Constantly putting the learner at the center of everything he does, Christian is preoccupied with making learning and development a natural part of working at Valtech. Also, he hates classical eLearning.


Dick Krikke​

Director, Develhub​

Dick Krikke is a director at Develhub. Develhub is a network organisation in the Netherlands for every person who is busy or interested in the learning & development sector. Develhub has a great interest in social learning, reflection, networking and hybrid learning.


Maiju Väänänen

Former Key Account Manager, Valamis

Maiju Väänänen is a Key Account Manager at Valamis. She has solid experience in international sales development and account management. Maiju is passionate about excellent customer service and how learning can serve individuals, organisations and, eventually, change the world.


Leon van Overdijk

Leon van Overdijk

Sales Executive, Valamis Benelux

+31 6 18512615

Leon van Overdijk is an eLearning advisor at Valamis. He helps organisations to empower their learning experience to achieve business goals more efficiently.