Personalize corporate learning with Valamis

Webinar on Demand

“One size does not fit all”

Making learning personalized has a great impact on the learning outcomes.

When new concepts linked to a learner’s previous experience, it leads to better understanding and improves learning results.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What does personalized learning mean?
  • How do you personalize the learning process and offer content in the best format for each individual?
  • How do you shorten the time to competence with personalized learning?
  • How can AI help in making corporate learning more effective?

Lenght of webinar: 40 min


Juho Haapiainen

Digital Learning Consultant, Valamis

A teacher by training, Juho Haapiainen joined the Valamis team in 2016 as an Instructional Designer. Today, working as a Digital Learning Consultant, he provides a pedagogical approach to the design of digital learning solutions, as well as training for the customers using them. His focus is on finding out how learners adapt to the changes brought on by the digitalization of learning, how their needs are best met, and how to develop and utilize technologies that truly support individual learning.