The Importance of Emotional Leadership at Work

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Organisations know how to optimise their strategy, processes, and technology for best results, but the driving force behind all of this is often neglected. The ability to lead with emotion is essential for building a truly resilient organisation and a solid company culture. It is needed in retaining talent, nurturing innovation and, ultimately, future-proofing the business.

Leading with emotions – both as an individual and as a manager – might just be the most important skill in this new era of work. Contrary to beliefs, this skill is fully learnable. When used for the right circumstances, emotions can benefit us in all our encounters: with our personal relationships as well as with our work teams and customers, and most importantly, with ourselves.

This webinar with Camilla Tuominen, Speaker and Author, and Maiju Väänänen, Valamis Key Account Manager, will give the participants the understanding, courage, and ability to utilise emotions more at the workplace.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • What are emotions
  • What is the role of emotions in the workplace
  • What is the difference between emotions and behaviour
  • Why harnessing the power of emotional intelligence in the workplace is one of the most pivotal skills of the future
  • Tools on how to become more emotionally intelligent

Broadcasted on: Wednesday 23rd of February 2022
Duration: 1 hour


Camilla Tuominen

Speaker, Author, Illustrator

Camilla Tuominen (M.Econ, basic studies in psychology) is a keynote speaker, author, speaker of the year 2021 and business influencer of the year 2019. She worked for years as a management consultant but resigned in 2012 after she understood that leading of emotions is the core skill of the future. She founded emotion startup (Emotion Tracker), which she served as CEO until she sold it in 2019. She has written and illustrated three books on leading of emotions and the latest “Emotions do not belong in the workplace” was published in September 2020.


Maiju Väänänen

Former Key Account Manager, Valamis

Maiju Väänänen is a Key Account Manager at Valamis. She has solid experience in international sales development and account management. Maiju is passionate about excellent customer service and how learning can serve individuals, organisations and, eventually, change the world.