Valamis Mobile App

We are happy to announce that the Valamis Mobile App has been released!

The app is specifically designed for the new Valamis - Learning Experience Platform version.

If you already have a Valamis environment updated to the Asteroid version, you can easily log in to your learning site using the app.

It provides the following features:

  • Easily sign in to any of your Valamis environments
  • Join & leave learning paths
  • View the list of goals and their completion status for each learning path
  • Browse all lessons from the default Valamis course
  • Load, open and complete lessons
  • Browse downloaded lessons
  • Open and complete previously downloaded lessons while offline. Lesson completion reports will be sent after becoming online again (powered by xAPI)
  • View your study summary and user picture on the Profile screen

This app is a complementary tool to use with the desktop version, which has the full spectrum of Valamis features.

Check more details on Mobile Learning App page

Take your lessons with you, wherever you go, online and offline!

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