Digital Transformation of Learning

Why We Need Another "Apollo Effect"?

We are approaching a point in time where the rapid acceleration of technology related to education, course development, and learning has produced large amounts of content and knowledge concepts placed within the reach of learners of all ages providing that they have an access to the internet and a computer or a mobile device.

The white paper opens the context of digital transformation and how it affects on the workforce development and the changing nature of work. Empiric cases offer views on leading learning organizations' processes and digital Learning Experience Platform is described as one solution to the future challenges of the digital transformation of learning.

At the end of the paper the writers summarize the key takeaways on how organizations should prepare themselves for the digital transformation of learning. This paper is aimed particularly for CIOs, CHROs, CEOs, and others responsible of learning and development in organizations.

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About The Author

Dr. Charles Camarda
Sr. Advisor for Engineering Development, NASA Langley Research Center
Dr. Camarda has 43 years of experience at NASA as a research scientist/engineer in thermal structures for hypersonic vehicles, Astronaut on STS-114 (Space Shuttle's return-to-flight following the Columbia Tragedy), Director of Engineering at NASA's Johnson Space Center, and now Senior Advisor for Engineering Development at NASA's Langley Research Center. He is focusing on developing tools and methodologies to enable the digital transformation of learning/education and to revolutionise how we solve problems in the 21st Century.

About The Author

Janne Hietala
Chief Commercial Officer, Valamis
+44 (0) 7484186421
Janne Hietala started his first company at the age of 21. Janne was selected as a Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. Janne has been leading Valamis' commercial operations since 2008. Currently, he is leading Valamis' global sales from the company's UK office, located in the world's largest fintech center, Level39, in London. He is responsible for commercial strategy and development within the key areas of marketing, sales, product development and services. He is also completing his Executive MBA at the London Business School.