Content Authoring

Valamis Lesson Studio

Create a great learning experience

Create lessons using engaging content that learners will love.

Use various types of assets: images, video, audio, text, questions and more.

The appearance of the learning content is highly customizable. Every element can be formatted, styled and fit to the page however you prefer.

Create a great learning experience

Easy authoring with time-saving features

Convert PDF, PPTX and Video files into lessons

Create lessons from already existing assets. Lesson Studio will automatically create a lesson from a presentation, white paper, brochure and video.

Give a new life to old content. You can add additional information, hotspots, videos, annotations and any other element to your new slides and make them fresh.

Create lessons from PDF and PPTX files

Make Learning Personalized

Create unique learning paths for different roles, groups and people to get better learning results.

Compose them with lessons, courses, events, assignments and even other learning paths and configure them according to your needs.

Make Learning Personalized with learning paths

User-friendly assessments and quizzes



Can I import lessons created with other authoring tools into Valamis LXP?

Yes, you can import xAPI & SCORM packages, and they will be available for learners. At the same time, you can't edit them in Lesson Studio.


Do you have a content or file library?

Yes, you can upload and store various types of files in the Documents and Media library.


How can I organize lessons inside the course?

For that, you can use Course Manager, it allows you to build a great variety of courses. Compose them with lessons, events, webinars, assessments and other types of learning activities.

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