Enterprise Performance Management

Determine the success of your business through measuring, forecasting, and planning

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) gives you a clear picture of where your business is headed. It’s a loop of planning, feedback and monitoring, giving you the information you need to make your business level up. You'll be able to take into account all the dimensions of your business, making it possible to recognize and solve the performance gaps most efficiently.

Get better understanding over your business

Our Analytics & Data Science specialists will walk hand in hand with you through the entire process of enterprise performance management. We will analyze your business’ current status, and use predictive analytics to help you know where to go next:

1. Understand the value.

Creating value is the ultimate goal of any business. What is the unique value your business creates for its shareholders? Define your strategic focus areas and create a roadmap

2. Know what to measure.

We will help you to find and choose the value driver metrics to help you track progress in your processes, business, and employee development. These metrics are aligned, so that your outcomes are visible.

3. Target setting and operational planning.

Define your goals for your metrics, and plan to achieve them.

4. Track and review - what to improve.

Once your plans are being executed, continue to track your metrics and outcomes, and find out whether the actions you are taking are leading towards the goals. Based on analysis, you know now what is working and what is not. Do you need to alter your plans?

Plan your business intelligently

  • Get a timely insight on what is going on in all the levels of your business.
  • Drive better performance and maximize the outcomes.
  • Analyze data collected from large scale of internal and external sources (numeric, text, images).
  • Enable real-time reporting and analysis of the planning process – you will see the forecasts' effect on the entity without delay.
  • Recognize and solve the bottlenecks in your business.
  • Use predictive models to help you to make better decisions.
  • Make controlling the planning process transparent and real-time.
  • Monitor your organization performance using KPIs.

What’s learning got to do with it?

Valamis - Learning Experience Platform supports employee development and performance management to help your company succeed. It ties learning analytics together with KPI’s, making it possible to understand better where each individual needs to develop, identify the pain points and opportunities more easily, and guide your employees towards the skills and knowledge needed to meet the business objectives.

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