Knowledge Management

Manage your valuable information assets

Knowledge Management for your Organization

AI and Cognitive search facilitate Knowledge Management’s process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge, data, and information.

Find information faster in a consolidated user-friendly environment with our digital learning assistant.

Collect and use your information assets at the right time, curating them to the right people with microlearning. Improve operational efficiency with optimized performance data.

Knowledge Management for your Organization

“Intelligence is not the ability to store information, but to know where to find it.”

Albert Einstein

Knowledge Management Process

Gather Knowledge
Electronic discussion lists
Exit interviews
Knowledge harvesting
xAPI statements
Organize Knowledge
Knowledge repositories
Intranet and extranet
Skills directory
xAPI statements
Share Knowledge
Communication technologies
Communities of practice
Knowledge maps
Adapt Knowledge
Evidence-based guidelines
Lessons learned
Proven practices
Leverage subject matter experts
Review results

Data, information,’s valuable and everywhere. Gathering knowledge is one thing, but getting it in the right hands at the right time is another.

Empower people with learning that is personalized for them, curated when they want it.

  • Retain your information assets
  • Share knowledge within and between organizations and programs
  • Find relevant and reliable information quickly, right when you need it
  • Break the cycle and learn from past experiences
  • Engage your proactive learners searching for knowledge by personalizing it for them

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