Performance management

Align learning with business objectives

What is performance management?

Performance management is the process where managers and employees work together to make it possible for both the people and business to reach their full potential. With Valamis performance management your competencies will be transformed to meet the business goals.

Make better business and development decisions

Make better business and development decisions

With Valamis you can drive better performance by automating the feedback and knowing where learning makes an impact. You will no longer need to guess what employees need to learn, as Valamis aligns the learning with operations’ needs.

Set the goals

To be able to help you in the most beneficial way, we will start with learning and adopting your business objectives. We will then help you to set the goals and build the path towards success.

Set the goals

Tie employee goals to business objectives

Our beautifully visualized learning analytics and knowledge mapping will tell you what your employees already know and what needs to be developed to support them in reaching the business objectives.

Tie employee goals to business objectives

Measure the outcomes

By leveraging our Analytics & Data Science competency, you'll be able to see the impact learning has on your business. Valamis enables the performance and learning monitoring at all times and you will have the KPI tracking automated.

Predict and adjust the performance

Valamis uses predictive analytics to recognize the bottlenecks and develop the employee knowledge accordingly. This makes it more efficient to alter the processes, plan the development and adjust learning content to reach the set goals.

Predict and adjust the performance

Document the process

Let Valamis remember every step your employees take in learning and record the on-the-job assessments. Learning analytics will tell you which efforts lead to the best results.

Document the process

Achieving Learning Impact

The white paper explores learning methodologies and analytical frameworks to discover actionable metrics to reach business goals.

Help your employees reach their highest potential

People are the most important asset in your organization. Their skills, knowledge and motivation define the business outcomes. Valamis - Learning Experience Platform makes the learning and performance data visible and enables data-driven management in new ways.

Give your employees timely feedback

Feedback is needed to guide the employees towards the business objectives. With Valamis the feedback can be automated and is constant instead of traditional periodical reviews and both managers and learners get a better insight into the learning and skills in real time.

Recognize employee skills

Learning analytics and performance metrics make the employee success visible. Valamis - Learning Experience Platform recognizes the stars and underperformers and motivates them by showing that their efforts are paying off.

Find the path to improvement

Valamis makes getting new skills and knowledge easy. Learning analytics enable the delivery of personalized content and feedback to each learner. Let Valamis guide your employees to learn what matters: there will be no time wasted for learning wrong skills.

Personalize learning

Personalize the learning and development experiences to fit the needs of individual goals efficiently.

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