Creating a Culture of Engagement


The best workplace cares for its employees and prioritises employee engagement as the catalyst for improving business outcomes. Engaged employees produce better business outcomes than other employees – across industries, company size, and nationality, and in good economic times and bad. Engaged employees are 80% less likely to take days off, 40% less likely to leave their roles, and are 18% more productive.

The reality is that only about one in three employees self-describes as being “engaged,” and organisation’s today are notoriously ineffective at creating a culture of high trust, high performance, and high engagement. The Gallop Organisation has measured self-reported levels of employee engagement since 2000. Their latest research shows that 51% of employees were not engaged, and more than 17% were actively disengaged.

Employees need more than a good paycheck to invest themselves in their work and achieve more for your company. Individuals are seeking purpose and meaning in their work. They want to be known for what makes them unique. Purpose is what drives employee engagement. Employees also want meaningful relationships, particularly with a manager who can coach them to the next level. Their manager is who drives employee engagement.

Join this webinar with Susan Peppercorn, Executive Coach & Career Strategist, and Sarah Hobbs, Managing Director of talent and career management consultancy, Talent & Potential, to engage in a discussion to learn about:

  • What is employee engagement?
  • Why is employee engagement important?
  • The 12 elements of employee engagement.
  • Actionable steps managers can take to develop a trusting relationship with their teams.
  • How employee engagement is tied to career success.

Recorded: 29th of September 2022
Duration: 1h


Susan Peppercorn

Executive Coach & Career Strategist

Susan Peppercorn is an executive coach helping leaders be more influential and impactful. Her coaching enables leaders to take a bold stand for what they want and build the confidence to go after it. Susan uses a unique blend of skills, models, and assessment tools, leveraging the best of psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience. This deep toolkit enables her clients to see their underlying motivations, beliefs, and patterns and expand their perspectives and possibilities. Susan’s passion is to bring out the best in individuals to achieve positive change. Susan is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an executive coach. She is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and Fast Company and the author of the Amazon bestselling book, Ditch Your Inner Critic: Evidence-Based Strategies to Thrive in Your Career.


Sarah Hobbs

Director at Talent & Potential

Sarah works across a wide range of clients, supporting them to develop and deliver their talent strategy and agenda and has helped thousands of individuals to build their careers. Her expertise in talent management, succession planning and developing self-directed careers has been utilised in large organisations heading up talent and learning functions. In addition, Sarah is the lead content curator for Valamis' career platform, CareerBurst, offering users and their employers practical career support.