Increase Motivation and Engagement in the Workplace

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The average person spends more than 90,000 hours or one-third of their life at work. Staying motivated and engaged over time requires a clear understanding of what factors motivate and demotivate you and your colleagues.

Motivation is a force that contributes to achieving a desired goal. In principle, everyone is responsible for their own motivation, but the workplace community plays a key role in strengthening motivation and engagement. Learning, positive experiences, and earning appreciation support increasing employee motivation and working toward achieving goals.

In this webinar, NATURAL TENDENCIES™ Work Community and Career Coach Jari Saarenpää and Valamis Digital Learning Consultant Juho Haapiainen will explore how leaders can help motivate employees and create a positive work environment.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How is employee engagement built?
  • How can you recognise internal and external motivation?
  • Why do identifying and developing strengths produce the best outcomes?
  • How can you increase motivation, competence, and enthusiasm at work?

Broadcasted on: 29th of September 2021
Duration: 1 hour 17 min


Jari Saarenpää

Work Community and Career Coach, NATURAL TENDENCIES™

Jari Saarenpää has over 20 years of leadership and management experience in multi-cultural, international middle-management task fields in the business world. His specific area of expertise is change management. Over the past years, Jari has worked as a work community and career coach during changes in organisations, as well as in the development of customer interactions. Jari wants to assist and inspire people to find their own strengths in the midst of change. The formula for the success is simple, and he would like to duplicate it extensively – success arises when an individual's mission and passion come together!


Juho Haapiainen

Digital Learning Consultant, Valamis

A teacher by training, Juho Haapiainen joined the Valamis team in 2016 as an Instructional Designer. Today, working as a Digital Learning Consultant, he provides a pedagogical approach to the design of digital learning solutions, as well as training for the customers using them. His focus is on finding out how learners adapt to the changes brought on by the digitalization of learning, how their needs are best met, and how to develop and utilize technologies that truly support individual learning.