Webinar: Align Corporate Learning and Business Strategy with Valamis

Key takeaways

  • Ensure that your learning and development strategy aligns with your business goals
  • Understand how to utilize data and reports in your decision-making processes
  • How do you create the most integrated learning ecosystem to achieve business goals?

Invest in an L&D strategy you can measure

What gets measured, gets managed. Research indicates that better measurement ties to better performance, but how do you measure learning and development? How do you know whether the money and time you have invested in L&D have been well-spent? How do you align learning and development with your business goals?

Join our webinar along with other learning and development pioneers, C-suite executives and ardent technophiles from industries like finance and banking, complex manufacturing and professional services, as we take a look at implementing effective training programs that can measure and report data aligned with business outcomes. Make confident and informative decisions when investing in L&D, and we will show you the data to prove it.

Valamis and Liferay will show you a personalized technology solution using Valamis, a learning experience platform that has proven to boost organizational efficiency, quality assurance, and cost savings. Walk away from this webinar with the insight you need to create a learning culture that will become your competitive advantage.

Additional Details

Webinar duration: 45-60 minutes

USA LIVE Webinar April 17, 2018 | 12:00 EST

European LIVE Webinar April 18, 2018 | 12:00 CEST


Mika Kuikka, President, Valamis, North America

Mika Kuikka

President, Valamis, North America

+1 (617) 959-7438

In addition to being President, Mika Kuikka is one of the co-founders of Valamis. Mika is an online learning enthusiast. He is responsible for Valamis business in the US, operating from Boston, Massachusetts. Mika has helped organizations of all sizes in their digital transformation of learning, translating the customers' voice to the product development team of Valamis - Learning Experience Platform.


Ville Tuominen, Principal Learning Consultant at Valamis

Ville Tuominen

Principal Learning Consultant

Ville Tuominen is the Principal Learning Consultant at Valamis. Before joining Valamis, Ville led the development of eLearning environments at Riveria (formerly PKKY), including the development of the eLearning environment at the NASA Epic Challenge program. Ville has been an expert speaker in several learning conferences regarding learning analytics in an organizational framework. He has a background teaching in STEM subjects, and he is currently working on his doctoral thesis on measuring learning and learning impact through intelligent learning ecosystems.