• 16. kesäkuuta, 2014

Emergence of Learning eXperience Solutions

Valamis 2.0 release is closing in. Next week we will be releasing something that completely changes how Learning Management Systems are perceived. Big part of this is emergence of xAPI (or Tin Can API). We're just beginning of build the use cases and tapping into the potential of it. Implications for Learning Analytics in organizations for measuring impact of training into real world performance is huge and we're just skimming the surface. That's why we should not call Valamis a Learning Management System. The concept has so much legacy and baggage that it's uncomfortably deprecated. 

Focus on informal learning and creating great learning experiences is more describing for Valamis. That's why we're announcing emergence of Learning eXperience Solutions (LXS). It is a better concept for next generation learning solution and does not limit innovation as LMS concept does. We are sure that Valamis 2.0 is paving road for many other LXS's into the online learning.

Our design principles for Valamis 2.0 have been the most important technology trends in online learning for 2014. Responsive design, Mobile learning, xAPI, Learning Analytics, Gamification and Social Learning. All this natively within the most powerful Portal Platform, Liferay.

Developing and integrating an Enterprise-Grade Learning Record Store into a powerful portal platform is a huge task. We have been able to touch the key xAPI integration points for Liferay. We're able to track learning experiences using xAPI through Liferay Articles, HTML5 presentations, external content, SCORM packages (1.2 through 2004 4rd edition). All this information is tracked into powerful Enterprise-Grade Learning Record Store. Our LRS provides external access via OAuth for distributed solutions like games, simulators and other learning platforms supporting xAPI in various learning scenarios.

Gamification can bring out organizations values and policies. By increasing interest and engagement during formal and informal learning, students are able to better understand the essence of the organization. With Valamis 2.0 you're able to set formal and informal learning goals for users and learners.

As one of the many new features Valamis 2.0 adds leaderboards for learners which can improve community's social dynamic. These features engage participants in non-serious competition. By publicly rewarding completion or mastery, learners will feel driven to compete. Gamification can foster positive social interactions and new connections among users. Instead of losing productivity because new learners are alone or intimidated, a gamified training process can get new users accustomed to new learning experiences and feeling comfortable right from the start. Additionally, it can put them directly in-touch with experts and share valuable information and experiences. Gamification will save your organization time and money.