Developing a High Impact Learning Culture

Webinar on Demand

Learning can boost an organisation’s productivity and bring people together in a way that uplifts an organisation’s whole performance. Behind the success of organisation’s learning are the values, practices, and systems that are involved in daily working routines.

Driving individuals to collaborate, share knowledge, learn from experiences and mistakes, as well as offer people an opportunity to grow are all important parts of an organisation’s learning culture. Efficient and updated learning habits support both the individuals and the organisation to develop in a world that is changing all the time.

In this webinar Future Learning Organization Senior Consultant, Johan Skoglöf, Sverok Educator, Gabrielle de Bourg, and Valamis Digital Learning Consultant, Juho Haapiainen will guide you to improve the success of your organisation’s learning.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • What is a learning culture?
  • Why should your organisation have a culture of learning?
  • How to build an effective and versatile learning culture that benefits both individuals and the organisation?
  • How to continuously improve your organisation’s learning culture?

Broadcasted on: 25th of May 2021
1 h 13 min


Johan Skoglöf

Senior Consultant, Future Learning Organization

Johan Skoglöf is a senior consultant with the mission to help companies build agile learning organisations for the future. With over 25 years in the industry assisting global companies such as Ericsson, Volvo, Scania, SEB, Handelsbanken, and H&M, Johan has broad experience in building learning organisations. He is a valued presenter who engages around the latest developments in learning. With his energy, Johan navigates widely between subjects like using new learning technology to working with culture for learning.


Gabrielle de Bourg

Educator, Sverok

Gabrielle de Bourg works as an Educator at Sverok and is in charge of creating content for Skilltree. She was a very active member in Sverok before she started working there. Gabrielle's interest in democratisation of knowledge and digitalisation of organisations combined with her passion for everything geeky and democracy made her a perfect fit for her role at Skilltree.


Juho Haapiainen

Digital Learning Consultant, Valamis

A teacher by training, Juho Haapiainen joined the Valamis team in 2016 as an Instructional Designer. Today, working as a Digital Learning Consultant, he provides a pedagogical approach to the design of digital learning solutions, as well as training for the customers using them. His focus is on finding out how learners adapt to the changes brought on by the digitalization of learning, how their needs are best met, and how to develop and utilize technologies that truly support individual learning.