• Employee Development
  • September 21, 2014

10 Reasons for Learning eXperience Solutions

As Janne Hietala announced, we have released Valamis 2.0. He also introduced the term Learning eXperience Solution (LXS). An LXS puts emphasis is on informal learning and great learning experiences. In following, I will summarize my recent blog posting at the Liferay's web site, presenting 10 important reasons why consider Learning eXperience Solution.

  1. Learning is everywhere. It consists of absorbing knowledge and skills from various sources and by doing things.
  2. Know how the others learn. Let the people contribute and introduce their most efficient source of learning.
  3. Know what the others know - uncover and unleash individual skills
  4. Prevent the eighth deadly waste of unused human potential
  5. Manage your history - records for lifelong learning
  6. Share your learning past and present
  7. Upgrade the methods & tools dating back to centuries
  8. Business analytics
  9. Happy clients get integrated services – Liferay is a perfect DXP platform
  10. Good old save money argument

More about our idea of a Learning eXperience Solution can be found at our guide: Learning Experience Platform - Everything you need to know about LXP/LEP.